2009 New Year Prize

By | January 6, 2009

One paper “Cardio-Spatial Profile Extraction using Optical Flow of Echocardiographic Images” was submitted to The 2009 IAENG International Conference on Imaging Engineering, Hong Kong, 18-20 March, 2009.

Special thanks to Dr Azrin for advance editing on the paper.

Detection of cardiac movement is very important subject on cardiac image analysis. Cardiologist needs an accurate motion estimation to diagnose the abnormality of cardiac. In this paper, we present the utilization of optical flow technique to estimate the myocardial motion. Then the computed motion vectors are used to provide the cardiac profile, such as its displacement and direction. The proposed implementation provides real-time movement profiles of cardiac with a precision up to 0.11 pixel / 22.50° for their displacements.

Keywords: optical flow, myocardial movement, cardiac profile, echocardiography

Download this article: DOC or PDF

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