Initial result in Cardiac Movement Analysis

By | October 10, 2008

I finalized writing and submitting a paper entitled “Cardiac Motion Estimation using Optical Flow Estimation Technique” to the 5th IEEE International COnference on Science of Electronics, Technologies of Information & Telecommunication (SETIT 2009)

Abstract: The application of image processing technique for cardiac motion analysis has been an active research in the past decade. In term of movement analysis, optical flow is the most popular technique that has been used by researchers. This paper describes the implementation of pyramidal Lukas-Kanade algorithm to compute the optical flow of cardiac motion which involves manual preprocessing of image enhancement followed by Shi-Tomasi feature tracking implementation and testing the algorithm with both synthetic and clinical cardiac images. Based on our preliminary result, the proposed implementation looks promising since the computed motion vector can actually reveal a true direction of cardiac motion”

Keywords: cardiac motion detection, pyramidal lukas kanade, shi-tomasi

Download this article: DOC or PDF

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