cxcore100.dll or highgui100.dll not found error

By | July 26, 2008

Several days ago, my friend ask me about DLL file linking error. This is the problem:

PROBLEM: When I run my project, OpenCV gave an error like this:
This application has failed to start because cxcore100.dll was
not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

SOLUTION: Add OpenCV DLL (…OpenCV/bin) directory to system PATH.
For detail of how to add to the system PATH, please refer to my previous posting: How to setup OpenCV ?

The same solution is also solved the error caused by missing others DLL files, such as highgui100.dll not found.

Some friends suggested to copy cxcore100.dll to the directory of the .exe file. But ofcourse it’s tedious since we should copy every time we create a project.

Good luck! If you still got problems, please write in comment area.

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